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English Bulldog
Breed Description

The English bulldog is the dog breed of extremes par excellence: considered by some, the most ugly and, by others, the most beautiful dog, with one of the most ferocious history in dogdom (of bull baiting and dog-fighting), but with, at the same time, one of
the funniest, most adorable and most photogenic faces among dog breeds.
It is also one of the few breeds symbolic of a nation, choosen as an emblem by individuals and organizations all over the world.
So what makes the English bulldog so popular and ill-known at the same time?
HandsofCaesar TM
by artist Caesar Yanez

Unknown photographer
c. 1905
For part this paradox is due to the mystery surrounding the Bulldog's history.

Indeed, the ancestry of the Bulldog has long been subject to controversy among cynologists and naturalists.
two english bulldogs with sunglasses
Bulldogs Edouard and Simone
Etymologically, Bulldogs owe their name to the fact that they were once used to guard, control and bait bulls. Bull baiting was considered a "sport" and enjoyed great popularity in the middle ages among noblemen and royalty. It was also believed that if a bull were to be slaughtered, it should first be baited so that the meat would be more tender and nutritious. As a result, a butcher who sold the flesh of a bull that had not been baited, was liable to a penalty and the meat was considered unproper for consumption.

Unknown photographer c. 1900
The bulldog's fighting dog ancestry is still noticeable in some aspects of their character and temperament. Their strong will and legendary courage make them rarely complain or whine; they only bark when there really is a reason and are never demanding. That explains why they require attentive owners, who can properly take care of their bulldogs and are always ready to check that their Bulldog has everything he needs for his well-being. Read more about the basic needs of the bulldog.

Their incredible tenacity has turned into loving patience. Like no other dog breed, the placid and thrustworthy bulldog will tolerate poling and prodding by the children of their human family without becoming annoyed. However, like with any dog, children should NEVER be left unsupervised with their pet, however loveable it may be, and children should be taught to respect their dog. Bulldogs, like any other dog breed, should never be considered a surrogate baby-sitter.

English bulldogs never really grow up: they are perpetual puppies. While the average dog matures between twelve and eighteen months, most bulldogs only reaches maturity at the age of 36 months. Many English Bulldogs are persistent chewers. This chewing habit, which is normal in puppies, is much more pronounced in bulldogs than in other breeds, and lasts longer. (usually up to the age of 24 months).  Bulldogs may keep some of this chewing behavior throughout their lifetimes, so it is important to train them to direct their chewing onto authorized, chewing-safe objects. If not, they may chew on just anything, from your hands or clothes, to electric wires, furniture, walls, etc. and can become very destructive when left alone. More about how to control your puppy's chewing behavior.

Prospective buyers should know that bulldogs are sensitive to temperature variations and may have breathing problems in the heat, that they are relatively short-lived and may present whelping difficulties due to the massive head as compared to the small pelvis. More about the bulldogs' health.
However, most english bulldogs are capable of unsuspected athletic performances. Their clumsiness is only apparent. Indeed, from their ancestry english bulldogs have kept the potential to defend their home and family. They are certainely not a vicious breed, but they do show great courage in protecting their owners and family. Their appearance alone can be a deterrent to any would-be intruders. Apart from the deterrent factor of their appearance, some bulldogs also show great courage and commitment to physically defend their home.
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If necessary they are capable of an incredible (short) sprint to the front door or gate and have a patented way of using their body weight to physically destabilize unsuspecting intruders. The impact produced by their body weight when jumping up is absolutely incredible.

Of course, like in all breeds, individuals differ greatly, but not all English Bulldogs are those lazy couch potatoes, uncapable of any type of exercise, with congenital diseases, as described by opponents of the breed.
"Les Bullstaffs" bulldogs

"Daphné" of  Les Bullstaffs
Bulldog Information
Bulldogs may have genetic defects, just like any other dog breed, and are also subject to illnesses that affect many other dog breeds. See: Bulldog health.

One of the ways to avoid these problems is to buy your puppy from a reputable and ethical breeder with a scrupulous breeding policy. If treated kindly and trained appropriately, chances are high that your puppy will then develop a delightful personality, demonstrate an unquestionable loyalty to and affection for his master and be capable of much more than you would have ever suspected.
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Like any other dog breed, bulldogs may have genetic defects and are also subject to the same illnesses that may also affect all other dog breeds.
Common English Bulldog health problems  include: dermatitis, demodetic mange, eye lid anomalies, hip dysplasia, elongated soft palate, small trachea, allergies, and heart problems.  If you are adopting an older dog, many of these conditions will already have been identified. 

As far as their health and genetic potential is concerned, the foremost important point is the choice of a breeder. Only buy puppies from a reputable and ethical breeder with a scrupulous breeding policy.  Never, ever buy a Bulldog from a pet store or from a breeder who also sells puppies to pet stores or puppy mills.  An ethical breeder should not accept to sell a bulldog puppy befor the age of 8 weeks (see article about the Development Stages of the Puppy), because puppies need this time with their mother and littermates to be correctly socialized. Of course, this goes for all dog breeds, but is may be even more true with Bulldogs. 
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