History of the Canine Breeds
History of dogs
Recommended Dog Books
The Domestic Dog : Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People
by James Serpell (Editor)
Paperback: 280 pages
Cambridge University Press; (1995)
An unusually scientific approach to the natural history of the dog which examines its evolution, behavior, and interactions with humans and its place in our society.  The book covers three major areas: domestication & evolution (2 chapters), behaviour & behavioural problems (8 chapters), human-dog interactions (6 chapters).  more information:

Dogs in Antiquity: Anubis to Cerbrus the Origins of the Domestic Dog
by Douglas J. Brewer, Terence, Sir Clark, Adrian Phillips
Paperback: 120 pages. Publisher: Aris & Phillips; (2002)
Combining the results of  new genetic research and the material from excavations, this book examines the archaeological evidence for the origins of the dog and the process of domestication in prehistory. These records show the development of specialized breeds during the first great civilizations. It tells the developing story of the inter-relationship between man and dog from its origin in remote antiquity to the variety of breeds we know today. The most complete information on the origins of breeds comes from Egypt and the Middle East, which saw the birth of the earliest urban civilisations. In the Graeco-Roman period a new dimension to the story is added: technical literature about rearing, training and special uses of the dog. more information

The Lost History of the Canine Race: Our 15,000-Year Love Affair With Dogs
by Mary Elizabeth Thurston
Paperback: 301 pages.  Publisher: Avon; (1997)
In this highly readable and richly illustrated text, the author, an anthropologist, provides a fascinating piece of cultural history, and a remarkable tribute to dogs through the centuries. She believes that dogs are an important facet in the spiritual and emotional evolution of humans and follows canine progress from ancient Egypt and Rome, through Europe's feudal age, Renaissance and Victorian England, and eventually across the Atlantic to trace the history of dogs in North America. Dog uses and abuses are also surveyed.  more information:

A History of Dogs in the Early Americas
by Marion Schwartz , Susan Hochgraf (Illustrator)
Hardcover: 260 pages.  Publisher: Yale Univ Pr; (June 1997)
This academic and meticulously documented work examines the status of dogs in Native America from prehistory to the arrival of Europeans. Borrowing from biology, archaeology, ethnographies, chronicles, and tribal myths, the author traces the development of a variety of indigenous canine breeds and their role in the daily life of Native American tribes, including a treatment of working dogs, the eating of dog meat, dogs in the afterlife, and dogs in folk art. Includes many reproductions and renderings of original art.  more information:

Dogs: A Historical Journey:
The Human/Dog Connection Through the Centuries
by Lloyd M. Wendt
Hardcover: 258 pages
Hungry Minds, Inc; (October 1996)
The book follows dog and man through the Dark Ages of Europe, into the Renaissance, through later centuries, and into the present.
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Mythology Of Dogs : Canine Legend
by Gerald Hausman (Author), Loretta Hausman(Author)
Paperback: 288 pages
St. Martin's Press; (December 15, 1997)

more information:

Ascent of Dog: Working Dogs in the West
by Wendy Bush
Paperback: 192 pages
Detselig Enterprises; 1 ed. (1998)

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