Starting a Pet Care Business
or be otherwise  useful with or for Pets
For an aspiring entrepreneur who likes animals, there are a whole range of animal related careers to make a living doing what one likes most, being around and taking care of animals.

From working in a pet store, becoming a pet photographer, pet party organizer, gourmet treat maker, dog fashion designer, to creating and operating a small (home-based) pet care business like a pet-sitting service, a grooming business, a self-serve dog wash business, or a dog kennel, or creating one's own store specialized in pet supplies, operating a pet-welcoming Bed & Breakfast, or creating a pet affiliate website. The possibilities are endless.

For those who wish to join the growing number of volunteers working with animals, running a non-profit rescue organization or getting involved in animal-assisted therapy are just two among many possibilities.

How to Start a Home-based Pet Care Business
How to Start a Home-Based Pet Care Business
(Home-Based Business Series)
by Kathy Salzberg
Paperback: 288 pages
Globe Pequot; 2nd ed. (2006)
Learn all about: what it takes to be a professional groomer, dog walker/pet sitter, or obedience trainer; attracting clients and gaining their trust; equipping your home office and shop; pricing competitively; setting your daily schedule; building your reputation; managing growth. Also includes: business registration form; sample business plan; sample client card; sample grooming menu; pet sitter's service contract; obedience trainer's contract; etc.
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101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers
101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers
by Joseph Nigro, Nicholas Nigro
Paperback: 256 pages
Sphinx Publishing (2007)
Provides invaluable information on initiating and prospering in today's finest and most unusual entrepreneurial, career, and moneymaking opportunities in pet care trade: Pet photography service, Doggie daycare, Dog fashions designer, Cat furniture manufacturer, Gourmet treat maker, Dog walking, Pupperware parties, Pet grooming, Pet party organizer, Dog training, Pet-specialty arts and crafts, Pet affiliate website, Vet technician, Importing/Exporting pet products, Catnip farmer, Pet grief counselor, Aquarium maintenance, Breeders (fish, small animals, birds, reptiles, etc.), Pet shop (live animals: birds, tropical fish, etc.) and many, many more.
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How to Run Dog Business
How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is
by Veronica Boutelle (Author), Jean Donaldson (Foreword)
123 pages
Dogwise Publishing (2007)
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Starting and Running a Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash
by Doug Gelbert (Author)
Paperback: 160 pages
Cruden Bay Books (January 1, 2002)
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From Problems to Profits: The Madison Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses
Specialty Shop Retailing by Carol Schroeder
From Problems to Profits: The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses
by Madeline Bright Ogle
Paperback: 290 p.  Publisher: Madson Group; Rev Update edition (1997)
This is a book on the "business side" of grooming.  It's not a how-to book for the art of grooming, but instead, the most complete how-to book for starting and managing a new grooming business or expanding an existing one. Every managerial topic in grooming is covered from personnel, client relations, safety and supervision, marketing and advertising, bookkeeping, financial planning. The art of grooming is important to every grooming business, but it is grooming management that creates stable, profitable grooming businesses that operate with far fewer problems. Managing a grooming business doesn't have to be stressful, but instead one of the joys of your life forever. More information:

Specialty Shop Retailing:
Everything You Need to Know to Run Your Own Store
by Carol L. Schroeder
Hardcover: 412 pgs. Publisher: Wiley; 3rd ed. (2007)
Aimed at the prospective or seasoned shop owner this book covers all the bases to start and run a successful specialty shop, including finding your niche and which products to sell, developing a realistic business plan, designing your store, buying and merchandising, maintaining records, managing inventory, staffing, customer service, and advertising and promotion. and merchandising.  Industry terms are thoroughly explained, other resources given and numerous examples of effective business forms are provided. This new, expanded Editon contains three new chapters: Using the Internet to Promote and Prosper, Beating the Big Box Stores, and Improving Sales and Profitability and two dozen online forms that can be downloaded for free and customized. More information:

101 Home-based Businesses for Pet Lovers
The Professional Pet Sitter
101 Home-Based Businesses for Pet Lovers
by Louise Louis
Paperback: 388 pages.
Canyon New Media, LLC (May, 2004)
A comprehensive introduction to the possibilities of working at home surrounded by dogs and/or other pets (cats, horses, reptiles and critters), either full-time, part-time and or in a post retirement businesses. The author avoids much of the general, start-a-business material and instead provides material specific to the pet industry.
Topics include: places to visit before you start; which marketing methods to avoid and which to use; major trade associations with contact information; top professional publications you can get for FREE; Ten best tips for success.
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Kennels and Kenneling
The Professional Pet Sitter: Your Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Service
by Lori Mangold, Scott Mangold
The authors present an extremely detailed guide on starting and operating a pet-sitting business, covering everything from acquiring a business license and planning marketing strategies to keeping records, making service calls and deciding how much to charge. Forms are included for client file cards, service agreements, and more. Also offers tips on how to avoid common mistakes when watching other people's homes (for example, to "wear" the housekeys in order to avoid locking oneself out!). With an 18-point service routine that walks you through the time you arrive to the time you leave.
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Kennels and Kenneling : A Guide for Hobbyists and Professionals
by Joel M. McMains
A guide for professionals and hobbyists with strategies for planning, designing, constructing, and operating a successful kennel.  Information on how to make running any kennel easier and more enjoyable. Quick answers to the most common kenneling and client problems.
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Starting a Pet Care Business