The Face in the Window: A Guide to Professional Dogwalking by Dianne Eibner
Paperback: 94 pages. Publisher: Jog-A-Dog; (December 1, 2000)
This book is designed to be a guide to those who have started or are thinking about starting a dogwalking or pet care business. The personal experiences of a professional dogwalker may help you decide if this is, indeed, the right business for you. It provides insight into the situations and predicaments that might occur and solutions that have worked for the author. Includes some material on meeting a new dog and client, establishing Alpha, the characteristics of dogs in a group, ... and much more. Includes a sample contract, information sheet, and flyer for the Professional Dog Walkers Association. more information:

Starting a Pet Sitting Business
by William Foster
Paperback: 176 pages. Publisher: Hancock House Publishing; (June 1, 1990)
Outlines how to get started with your own pet sitting business, naming your business, your first calls, supplementary sales ideas, accounts receivable, insurance,... etc. Also includes usefull you may reproduce for your own business, veterinarian release form, finishing touches, bird boarding, and much more.  more information:

The Reality of Professional Pet Sitting
by Suzanne Roth
Paperback: 108 pages. Publisher: Xlibris Corporation; 1 edition (March 1999)
Through the author's own experiences, this real-life, candid look at the growing profession of pet sitting describes in detail what those who consider going into the business may expect. Offers helpful hints and advice for potential sitters, but also addresses some of the profession's problems in addition to its rewards. more information:

The Professional Pet Sitter: Your Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Service
by Lori Mangold, Scott Mangold
Paperback. Publisher: Paws-Itive Press; Revised edition
The authors present an extremely detailed guide on starting and operating a pet-sitting business, covering everything from acquiring a business license and planning marketing strategies to keeping records, making service calls and deciding how much to charge. Forms are included for client file cards, service agreements, and more. Also offers tips on how to avoid common mistakes when watching other people's homes (for example, to "wear" the housekeys in order to avoid locking oneself out!). With an 18-point service routine that walks you through the time you arrive to the time you leave. more information:

Pet Sitting for Profit : A Complete Manual for Professional Success (Howell Reference Books)
by Patti J. Moran
Paperback: 224 pages. Publisher: Howell Book House; Revised edition (Sep 9, 1997)
A complete overview of everything a potential pet sitter needs to consider before starting a business, from how to get started (resources, marketing, naming your business, licensing, legalities, insurance, etc.), to office procedures, personnel, advertising, examining the problems, and more. Designed for people at all levels of experience-from the person just starting out to the person who has established a business and wants to make it more successful. Also discusses form of business (sole proprietorship, corporation, etc), tax considerations, and insurance.  The book focuses on how to make setting up a business as easy as possible, so people can operate on whatever scale they feel comfortable with. more information:

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Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Your Own Pet Sitting Business (The Startup Series)
by Cheryl Kimball
Paperback: 204 pages
Entrepreneur Press; 1 edition (July 27, 2004)
This comprehensive handbook guides you through the steps of setting up and operating a pet-sitting business, covering both the business fundamentals and the specialized knowledge required for animal care and handling. Start Your Own Pet Sitting Business focuses mainly on dogs and cats, the most popular pets, but also covers barn animals and exotics. more information:

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CD-ROM: 146 pages
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