With an increasing demand for quality kennel accommodation for dogs and cats, a good boarding kennel is a sound investment and can provide a healthy income if run efficiently. The following books are essential reading for anyone who is considering starting out in the business. Many of these books will also be of interest to breeders who want to build or expand their kennel facilities.
The Boarding Kennel Business DVD
Boarding Kennel Management
by Sam Kohl
Paperback: 168 p. Publisher: AARONCO; (2005)
Describes the boarding kennel business, the problems kennel managers encounter, and ways to solve these problems. Examines physical facilities and equipment: types of pet enclosures, materials and construction, fencing, plumbing and waste disposal. Includes chapters on prevention and treatment of common pet diseases and preparation of nutritious food. In addition the book realistically discusses the advantages and drawbacks of buying an existing kennel compared with building a new facility, and what to consider when planning to expand or enlarge your kennel.
Boarding Kennel Management by Sam Kohl
The Boarding Kennel Business (2004)
Director: Molly Locklin
Format: Color, Special Edition
Studio: Locklin Productions Video Release Date: 2004

An introduction to the boarding kennel business to evaluate if this unique business is right for you. Allows you to experience the lifestyle, to get success tips from the pros, to get marketing and advertising ideas, to learn how to make the internet work for you, and to decide whether or not the kennel business is right for you. more information
All about Dog Daycare
All About Dog Daycare...A Blueprint for Success
by Robin K. Bennett
Paperback: 192 pgs. Publisher: C&R Publishing (Oct 1, 2005)
Provides basic information for starting a dog daycare including business resources, licensing information, zoning guidance, and legal, financial, and insurance concerns for the daycare owner. - Forms and record-keeping materials needed to operate a daycare. - How to provide a safe and stimulating environment that keeps the dogs healthy and happy and the staff safe. - Optional money-making services that daycare centers can provide. - Ideas for cost-effective marketing of the daycare business. - Troubleshooting ideas including how to handle clients with aggressive dogs, dealing with contagious diseases and expelling dogs from daycare. More information:
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Kennel management
Kennels and Kenneling : A Guide for Hobbyists and Professionals
by Joel M. McMains (Author)
Hardcover: 208 p. Publisher: Howell Book House; 2nd edition (2000)
A guide for professionals and hobbyists with strategies for planning, designing, constructing, and operating a successful kennel.  Information on how to make running any kennel easier and more enjoyable. Quick answers to the most common kenneling and client problems.
Breed Rescue: How to Start and Run a Successful Program by Sheila Webster Boneham
Paperback: 186 p.  Publisher: Alpine Publications (1998)
The author leads the reader through the necessary decisions and policies to successfully run the nonprofit business of a dog rescue organization.  Her advice will help rescuers avoid myriad pitfalls that stop so many from continuing in rescue. She sets high standards for rescue, and explains the reasons for each criteria.  Topics covered include:  getting organized; finding,  training, and managing volunteers; acquiring financial and community support; networking with other animal shelters and rescue groups; screening dogs for medical problems; determining temperament and behavior; placing rescued dogs; and promoting/publicizing the dog rescue program. Also includes lists of contacts, addresses and pertinent sample documents.  more information
Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel by James Krack
Paperback. Publisher: ABKA; 5th edition (1999)
A publication of a US kennel association which gives a realistic overview of kenneling from a management perspective. Presents the main issues in kennel management, the ultimate standards expected and gives some idea of the direction the kennel world is headed. Provides new ideas in designing a kennel suitable for expansion in the future. Also contains references to suppliers.
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The Floor Plan Book: Veterinary Hospital and Boarding Kennel Planning and Design
by E. John Knapp
Paperback: 211 p. Publisher: Veterinary Medicine Publishing Company; 2nd ed edition (August 1, 1996)
Step-by-step guide written by a designer who specializes in animal facilities. The author helps you through the steps of locating, planning, and designing a veterinary hospital. Includes information about demographics, site considerations, budgeting, designing the traffic flow for efficiency and delight, modular room planning, and applications to a large animal practice. The appendices feature actual floor plans for different types of veterinary hospitals: with and without boarding kennels, mixed animal hospitals, and equine hospitals. More information
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Kennel building and management
Kennel Building and Management
by Migliorini (Author)
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Howell Book House; (September 14, 1987)

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Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel
Kennels and Kenneling
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The Boarding Kennel Business DVD
The Floor Plan Book: Veterinary Hospital and Boarding Kennel Planning and Design
Running your Own Boarding Kennels
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Running Your Own Boarding Kennels:
The Complete Guide to Kennel and Cattery Management by David Cavill
Paperback 192 pages (July 3, 2005) Publisher: Kogan Page
Based on the original work by Sheila Zabawa, this new edition by animal care expert David Cavill provides comprehensive advice on every aspect of running a boarding kennel. Topics covered include: boarding fees, raising finance, insurance, kennel cleaning, dangerous dogs, types of food, exercise, grooming, beds and towels, staff training, accommodation, advertising, puppy and kitten rearing, and product sales. Also contains information about the care of pets: training unruly dogs and cats, dog walking, pet sitting and "home boarding." More information:
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Kennel Design (Hardcover)
by David Key (Author), Gwen Bailey (Author), Kay Key (Editor)
Hardcover: 480 pages Publisher: David Key (March 31, 2008)
More information:
Kennel Design - The Essential Guide