Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home : And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
by Rupert Sheldrake
Paperback: 368 pages Publisher: Three Rivers Press (2000)
Telepathic experiences between pets & humans
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 Books about heroic dogs and
canine courage
and other Inspirational (true) stories and Anecdotes about dogs.
Canine Courage
by Tiffin Shewmake
Paperback: 200 pages. Publisher: Pagefree Publishing; (October 1, 2002)
More than a compilation of stories from ancient times to today, this book also examines why the brave and faithful dogs reacted as they did and what motivates canine heroism. It begins with an explanation of the difference between true "heroism" and the ingrained, innate behavior of many of the more popular breeds who even untrained instinctively know how to react in dangerous circumstances or even recognize impending danger. It explains how the history and personality traits of a breed play a part in these heroic acts and which breeds are the most heroic (and the least) and why. The book examines the importance of dog emotions and their sensitivity to our emotions. It includes accounts of the many ways dogs behave heroically, from getting help for a person who's sick or injured by convincing someone to follow them. It tells about dogs who risked their own lives to defend owners who were being attacked or by actually rescuing people who were drowning or trapped in a fire. Canine Courage discusses conventional explanations for such stories and also considers the possibility of ESP. more information:

Dog Heroes: Saving Lives and Protecting America
by Jenni Bidner
Hardcover: 144 pages
Lyons Press; 1 edition (October 1, 2002)
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Bear: Heart of a Hero
by Captain Scott Shields, Nancy M. West
Paperback: 160 pages
Hero Dog Publications; (September 1, 2003)
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The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic
by Gay Salisbury , Laney Salisbury
Hardcover: 317 pages
W.W. Norton & Company; (June 2003)
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Polar Dream: The First Solo Expedition by a Woman and Her Dog to the Magnetic North Pole
by Helen Thayer, Edmund, Sir Hillary
Paperback: 254 pages
NewSage Press; Updated edition (August 1, 2002)
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 Ca de Bou  |
 Pug |
 Akita Inu  |
Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for Independence
by Dean R. Koontz (Foreword), Patricia Dibsie
Hardcover: 224 pages
Yorkville Press (October, 2003)
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Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul : Stories of Canine Companionship, Comedy and Courage
(Chicken Soup for the Soul)
by Jack Canfield
Paperback: 380 pages
HCI (September 27, 2005)
The stories in this book truly capture the special joy these four-legged creatures bring to our lives and hearts. From exciting and entertaining accounts of courage and humor to heartwarming tales of healing and learning, each touching story in this book will inspire dog lovers to rejoice in the unique bond they share with their canine companions. More information:

Dog Miracles: Inspirational and Heroic True Stories
by Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger
Paperback: 219 pages
Adams Media Corporation (April, 2001)
A collection of inspirational and heroic true stories illustrating the the unique, spiritual bond between humans and our canine friends. Going beyond the expected tales of dogs rescuing humans from danger, this books also explores the paranormal depths of canine-human communication and provides exercises for people interested in communicating telepathically with their dogs. More information:

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