The Aussie Bulldogs were given their name by Noel & Tina Green and founded from two breeding programs, N&T Green, or the Jag lines, and the Pip Nobes lines.  These lines were started separately with previous years of breeding bulldog type dogs and merged in a co-operating and coordinating effort to create a functional Bulldog, more appropriate to live in the australian conditions. 
When they started their breeding programs, the original Aussie breeders were not interested in making a 'better' bulldog, but were only trying to produce a different type of bulldog.  They made personality and health in a dog as their number one priority with keeping a unique bulldog look.  This type of dog had strength, endurance & size to do the job that was set out for them.

Australian bulldogs foundation dogs
Some of the Aussie Bulldog foundation dogs
Photo courtesy: Tina Green

Thanks to the support and determination of some select breeders the Aussie bulldog breeding program was continually kept together. 
The original breeders found that the best result was achieved by generations of selective breeding, staying close to the English Staffordshire Bull terrier, Bullmastiff, Boxer and British Bulldog and then concentrating entirely on mating Aussie Bulldogs to Aussie bulldogs with most successful results.

Noel Green with Australian bulldogs
Noel Green & his Aussie Bulldog breeding stock
( JAG lines)

Aussie bulldogs
They have been selectively breeding for many years now, with 12 generations of breeding behind them from their foundation dogs and 5 generations of consistent Aussie litters.

In 2003 the United Aussie Bulldog Association (UABA) was founded by Noel & Tina Green and Pip Nobes in order to further ensure the betterment of the breed.

The aim of the United Aussie Bulldog Association was to unite all lines of Aussie Bulldogs from Greens, Nobes and Cauchi lines.

From the original lines currently stem 55 Registered Aussie Bulldog Breeders within the Association in all states of Australia.

All Aussie Bulldogs should come with a Breed Certificate. Originally these certificates were issued by Tina Green, Pip Nobes & Louise Cauchi.

Aussie bulldog puppies
Yanco Puppies Graffitti, Gatsby & Gladii
Asutralian bulldog front view
Since 2005 Pip Nobes is no longer part of the UABA. There are now two separate Parent Breed Clubs representing legitimate Aussie Bulldogs: the United Aussie Bulldog Association, known as the UABA, run by the original founders Noel & tina Green and the Australian Bulldog Society Incorporated formed October 2004, a continuation of the original breeding register held by Pip Nobes, now aimed at all Australian/Aussie Bulldogs.
These two Parent breed clubs have been working towards the same outcome. Every Aussie bulldog bred within the UABA or ABS Inc. has been viewed and issued a valid certificate of ancestry for the future documentation of the breed.
3 generations of
consistent Aussie Bulldogs
Jag Paint, Jag Tango & Jag Indiana
Like the English Bulldog, the Aussie has an affectionate, outgoing nature, without any of the natural reserve seen in most dog breeds. They like to go swimming insummer and lay in the sun during the winter months. Given the alertness of this breed, the Aussie Bulldog does have the ability to be a dependable watch dog at a mature age. With their intelligence and loyalty they are a very easy dog to teach at home but, as with any breed of dog, obedience training is recommended.
Australian bulldog
Aussie Bulldog
(Australian Bulldog)

Australian bulldog head study
Although the best has been done to eliminate health problems within this breed , this does not mean that they are faultless, but all effort is put into breeding well natured Aussie Bulldogs of good health and sound structure.
Aussie Bulldog breeders strive for continued consistency of a Bulldog that should produce males around 18/20" to the shoulder, solid and compact with good muscle tone, and head circumference of 21 to 24".

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Trevantroy "Whiskey" & "Zero"
Photo courtesy: Trevantroy Kennel

The body structure should denote great strength with good thickness of bone. For the females nice long bodies are preferred in order to produce better whelpers. The UABA and ABS Inc. recommend to keep as close to the standard as possible, keeping in mind Type,  not sacrificing Health and Function for good looks.
The head structure of an Aussie Bulldog is one of its main attributes. It is very strong and square in appearance with good depth and width of muzzle and a pronounced stop between the eyes. 

More about the Aussie Bulldog Standard.

Aussie bulldogs
Jag Ginger Megs "Dotty".
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Photo courtesy of Tina Green (Jag Aussie Bulldogs) ,
Pip Nobes (Nobes Aussie Bulldogs)  and Lee-ann Milton (Trevantroy Kennel)
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Glen Oak "Minnie"
The Aussie Bulldog has stamina and their personality is one everyone could get attached to, they have a very sound temperament and have not been known to show any aggressivity problems that are uncontrollable.

Sunbathing Aussies. Photo:Pip Nobes
Exact Breed Type
King Jag Of Yanco

Napoleon of Yanco
For further information, please contact:
Nobes Aussie Bulldogs
Australian Bulldog Society Incorporated, Pip Nobes is Secretary of the ABS
UABA (United Aussie Bulldog Association)
Jag Aussie Bulldogs

Trevantroy "Melia"
Photo: Trevantroy Kennel

Aussie Bulldog head study

Aussie Bulldog
of the Nobes line

Australian bulldog puppy
Harrington of Yanco "Harry"

Nobes Bomber

"Dotty" & "Bella"

"Hot Hikii"
Yanco Aussie Bulldog pup

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