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The Bulldog Information Library is your source for everything related to bulldogs, ranging from general information, puppy care, articles about specific topics, recommended books and photo galleries.

The site was created because of my passion for bulldogs and the need I felt to provide thorough and honest information regarding bulldogs. The purpose was not to make more bulldogs being bred or being sold; I just wanted to make more bulldogs end up with the owners they really deserve and provide potential buyers with the tools to decide whether or not they would be a good match for a bulldog. I also wanted to inform them about how to find a responsible breeder, i.e. one who breeds for the betterment of the breed, not just to create 'champion' dogs, and who is truly concerned about the future of 'his' puppies. I can not give you an absolute guarantee that all breeders presented on my links page are responsible breeders, but be assured that I have been in contact with nearly all of them and verified how the breeders present themselves, how responsive they are to inquiries, what their breeding and puppy placement policies are, etc. All breeders presented on my links page have to link back to my website and that provides another indication, namely that they do not fear to link to a website that tells the truth about their breed, with the many positive sides, but also with the facts about abusive breeding methods, the true value of show records and pedigrees, and the possibility that a bulldog is not the right breed for you, after all.  Responsible breeders who truly breed their dogs for the love of the breed have in common that they want their puppies to go to good, approved homes, and have no interest in placing their puppies, at any cost, with owners who could not provide the right home for their bulldogs.
The Bulldog Information Library is not just a site, it is a community, involving breeders, trainers and veterinarians, with the aim to provide you with compiled and effective information, whether you are a potential, current or future bulldog owner, breeder or fancier.  The content is being updated constantly in order to present you the most comprehensive bulldog guide on the web.
With the time and the research done about the breed, I have noticed that Bulldogs are not the only breed of dogs that end up in shelters because of lack of information. That's why I have decided to start extending my site to include other breeds under a separate homepage http://caninebreeds.bulldoginformation.com. The main focus of this site and of my work will remain on the bulldog, though.
The bulldog books and bulldog merchandise presented on this website are often, but not always, accompanied by affiliate links. When buying something through these links from the companies we are affiliated with, a small percentage (about 5 to 10%) is paid back to us (without supplement for you !). This revenue is used to pay for the hosting and maintenance expenses of this website, to buy the books and material that allow us to write the many original articles, and to keep the site owner and developer, me, unemployed so that she can dedicate the lion's share of her time expanding and updating this website.  Due to the incredible expansion of the Internet, information and content websites YOU find interesting, often find themselves buried under the many commercial and spam websites invading the web nowadays.  The only way to keep information websites (you like) visible and accessible, is, for their webmasters, to invest in better hosting solutions, and to keep updating their websites. Of course, all of this costs money. That's where YOU can do your share to help make the Internet a better place, namely by buying through the affiliate links on our site (or on other informative sites). I have opted for the affiliate links solution because it is not too invasive, as compared to some aggressive or disturbing ads or pop-ups, and moreover because it allows me to present products and books that are targeted to our audience and that I have especially selected in the hope they may really be of interest to you.
Should you have any comments or general feedback, please feel free to contact me. I value your opinion (and photos !) and am always looking for ways to improve the site. Contact The Bulldog Information Library. However, please understand that I can NOT respond to individual emails asking me for advice with their bulldog or for information about breeders, rescue or shelters in their area. The time I invest in responding to these individual emails necessarily goes at the cost of the time I feel I should invest in the maintenance and development of this website to provide ever more useful information that is valuable to ALL our visitors, not just to one person. Thank you for your understanding.

Catherine Marien