Choosing a name
for your Bulldog

Choosing a name for your new Bulldog puppy is an important decision. The dog name you choose says as much about you as it does about your dog. 
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It shows how you view your bulldog and what your relationship is with him/her, so it is important to use a dog name that conveys the proper image. Take some time in choosing a name, as this name will be used to relate to the dog for the rest of his or her life, i.e. well over 30,000 times.  When selecting your bulldog's name, keep the following in mind:
Check the hidden meanings
Some names may sound great, be unique and seem like the perfect of all dog names at first sight, but have a hidden meaning or negative connotation.  Be sure when you look through lists of dog names and books with puppy names to check the meaning of that name.

Avoid names that sound like commands
Do not choose a name that sounds like a common command. Pets rely on sounds and intonation rather than on the actual meaning of a word when trying to understand what we are communicating to them. As a result, names like 'Kit,' 'Rum,' 'Fay,' 'Steel,' or 'Joe' may be easily confused with 'sit,' 'come,' 'stay,' 'heel,' or 'no!' Avoiding  'sound-alike' names will increase the effectiviness of the communication between you and your pet. Moreover, puppies normally have a very short attention span, so never use the name together with a command, as in "Belle - No!" or your dog will become confused, not understanding what you want him to do. So when a correction is called for, just say "No".

Keep the name short
Ideally, choose a name of two short, clear, distinctive syllables (such as Lu-na), so as to keep the name short, but not so short that it may be confused with a command (which often are monosyllabic). When the choosen name consist of three syllables it will be too difficult for your pet to recognize (unless the syllables are really very short). Of course, we refer here to the name used when you address your pet, not its pedigree name, which excluding the kennel prefix or suffix, often consist of two names.

Choose a name that corresponds to the breed
Do not choose a name referring to a petite, delicate creature to name your bulldog! The name should be compatible with the overall image your pet's breed conferes, with the character and personality of your dog and, if applicable, with its function (Devil, for a rescue dog may not be the best choice). Also, remember even though your puppy is SO cute, it will rapidly grow into an adult Bulldog so you may want to choose a name appropriate for each stage of his or her life.

Avoid names that sound like other names
Your dog's name should not be similar to the names of other household members (human or animal!). This would result in confusion for your dog, and the dog's namesake.

Try to use "hard" consonants and vowels
Hard consonants, such as 'k,' 'd,' and 't' are easier to hear and distinguish than soft consonants such as 'f,' 's,' or 'm.' The same is true for vowels. Also, try to bring variation in the sounds of the first and second syllable. Thus, names such as Katy, Luna, and Tike are ones that a dog will often recognize and respond to faster than Fern, Shana, or Merl.

Be willing to call the name in public
Finally, be sure to pick a name you will feel comfortable calling in public. A name you think is personal and cute (like Baby, Sweetie) may take on a different connotation when called in a dog park.

The following ideas may help you pick a name:
- Your dog's appearance may help you to choose a name. For instance Spot, Blackie, Moon, and Whisky all come from the way a dog looks.

-Your dog's behavior might inspire a name: Sharky (a dog who bites your hands), Bandit (a dog who steals things).

- Your dog's individual personality could help a name pop into your head.
Rebel (a stubborn dog), Lady (a sweet, beautiful dog), Bullet( a really fast runner)

- Adjectives may make great names: Lucky, Happy, Dusty, Boomer.

- Famous people may inspire a name, for example your favorite rock star, TV star, or movie star.
- Try a famous name from history or a character from a story you have read.

- You can name your dog after another famous dog: Belle, Pluto, Pongo, Lassie, Bingo.

- The name of something you associate with a positive experience may be a good idea to name your dog, for exemple, your favorite cocktail, your favorite holiday destination (name of an tropical island), etc. Halcyon Daze, for example was the name of a famous Bulldog Champion...

Some of the most popular dog names in North America are:
Jake, Buddy, Max, Duke, Maggie, Molly, Lady, Brandy, Bailey, Sadie, Sam, Lucy, Rocky, Daisy, Buster, Ginger.

Some modern famous Bulldog Champion names include:
Jacob, Jubi (Jubilant), Sandy, Joshua, Tully, Lucy.

Historical Bulldog names are (without the prefix or suffix):
Crib, Kit, Rosa, Dan, Noble, Lion, Saleni, Venom, Monarch, Donald, Thunder, Brutus, Dimboola, Boaz, Mohamet, Merlin, Totora, Khalifa, King Orry, Boomerang, Diavolo, Rodney, Rufus, Octavia, Yamamoto, Blaze (the Champion Roseville Blaze being one of the best Bulldogs ever bred), Brilliant, Bystar, White Knight, Barbara, Patricia, Dauntless, Tintagel, Sweet September, Golden Legend, Pugilist, Elite, Revival, Ideal, Charmer, Soda, Shem, Ham, Vice Regal, Victor.

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