Buying a puppy is a commitment for life, so please make sure you went through the following steps one by one (and in that order) before buying your first bulldog puppy:

1. Choosing the right breed (is a bulldog the right breed for you or else see which other dog breeds may fit your family and living conditions based on a number of criteria)
2. Choosing a reputable breeder

3. Selecting a puppy

Why do we insist on these steps in this order? All too often, the prospective owner does not have a clear idea of which dog breed is best for their family. Instead they sometimes impulse-buy a puppy at the local pet store or from a hobby breeder who happens to have a litter.
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That explains why so many new dog owners skip the first two steps and buy a puppy just because the opportunity presented itself, independently of the breed and the breeder. That is of course the best way to run into problems, especially with Bulldogs.

Sometimes, prospective dog owners DO have a clear idea about the breed they want, and even do a good job in selecting a reputable breeder, but fail to take the necessary time and effort to select that puppy that would best fit their temperament and living conditions. (see the article on Selecting a puppy ).

To help you in your decision we are going to give you as much information as possible to make it easier for you to :

1. decide whether a Bulldog is really the right breed for you;

2. understand why it is important to take the necessary time to choose a reputable breeder. We provide a breeder checklist you can use to 'test' the breeders you have already selected.

3. to pick the right puppy from a litter based on its sex, temperament and physical condition. See also: choosing a male or female puppy.
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