Tips for Bulldog Breeders
(Breeding and Showing your Bulldog)
International Bulldog Chamion
That is why we have grouped all our articles and tips related to breeding and showing your Bulldog in one section.

Novice breeders as well as experienced breeders will here find all articles, tips and references needed.
Once you are sure that you can positively contribute something to the Bulldog breed by starting your own breeding program, a good start is joining a breed club and attending shows.
Getting started as a Bulldog Breeder: the good and bad reasons to breed your bulldog, getting started, choosing a brood bitch and a stud dog,

Preserving Quality and Genetic Diversity in a Breed

Artificial Insemination: is artificial insemination always required with bulldogs ? The pros and cons of artificial insemination vs. natural mating.

Care of the Breeding Bitch: feeding of the breeding bitch, dietary supplements, when to do the first ultrasonic scanning and blood test, duration of the gestation period.

Diet of the Pregnant Bitch: the pros and cons of dietary supplements during the gestation period.

Construction of a Kennel: how to construct a kennel

Preparing the Whelping Quarters

Caesarean Section: explains why most experienced bulldog breeders have their puppies delivered by C-section and how to plan a caesarean section.

Types of Breeding: explains the difference between in-breeding, line breeding, out-crossing and out-breeding.

Value of the Pedigree

Breeding Pitfalls: Kennel Blindness, "Up-breeding" , popular sire syndrome and other Breeding Pitfalls

Breeding Myths
: clarifies some commonly held misconceptions about genetics and to offer some simplified explanations which (hopefully) will help the layperson understand a few basic concepts of genetics that are important in breeding purebred dogs.
The Critical Development stages of a puppy
Selecting a puppy with personality tests
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Genetics: An Introduction for Dog Breeders
by Jackie Isabell
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The Complete Book of Dog Breeding
by Dan Rice
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The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog(Hardcover)
by Ann Seranne
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Puppy Intensive Care:
 A Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies
by Myra Savant-harris
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Showing your Bulldog: preparation, training for the show ring, entering shows, what to wear, what to take, behavior in the show ring.

Show Dog Terminology: a helpful list of terms associated with the sport of showing your dog.
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