The Bulldog
(Terra Nova Series)
Diane Morgan
Hardcover: 192 pages
TFH Publications; Har/DVD edition (August 31, 2005)

(Barron's Dog Bibles)
Phil Maggitti
Spiral-bound: 192 pages
Barron's Educational Series; Spi Har/Dv edition (October 1, 2009)
Everyday canine care, grooming, and exercise Nutrition and health maintenance Training and play activities:
With Bonus DVD enclosed.
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Liz Palika
Hardcover: 144 pages
Howell Book House; 2 edition (November 24, 2008)
A fun and practical guide with plenty of advice and full-color photographs.
With 30-minute training DVD enclosed.
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of Bulldog Books

Bulldogs for Dummies
Bulldogs For Dummies
(For Dummies (Pets))
by Susan M. Ewing
Paperback: 268 pages Publisher: For Dummies (January 4, 2006)

 Bulldogs Today
(Books of the Breed)
Chris Thomas
Trafalgar Square , September 2000
160 pag.
This very comprehensive book contains chapters about the early history, recent history, choosing a buldog, adult maintenance, breed standard, show ring, etc. Even the Puppy Care, Breeding and Health chapters have really been written with the bulldog in mind. A must for all bulldog enthusiasts. More information:

Pet Owner's Guide to the Bulldog by Judith Daws
Lydney : Ringpress Books Limited 2000
80p., hardback
One of my favorite small bulldog books, both for the first-time owner and more experienced bulldog owner. This tiny little breed-specific book contains a wealth of information based on the first-hand experience of a renowned breeder.
Chapters cover origins and development, breed characteristics, choosing a puppy, training, breeding (including genetics and breed-specific problems), health issues (both general and breed specific).
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(Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
by Michael Dickerson
Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Kennel Club Books (March 1, 2004)
A good dog book for first time dog owners, with useful chapters on everyday care, housebreaking and training, showing, the senior bulldog, health care, etc. These chapters are not breed-specifically about the bulldog, so, for the more experienced dog owner, these sections may appear as too basic. Breed-specific chapters include: History of the Bulldog (with lots of historical photos), the Breed Standard for the Bulldog and Characteristics of the Bulldog.
More information:

Bulldog by Michael Dickerson
New Owner's Guide to Bulldogs
Hank Williams & Carol Williams
TFH Publications, 160 pag.
A very informative book for new and more experienced bulldog owners alike. The authors address most of the issues or questions that may arise when owning a bulldog. The first half of the book is breed-specific. The second half includes chapters about training, behavior, health care, dental care, identification and traveling with your dog that are more general.
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 Bulldogs - An Owner's Companion
Christian Bruton. The Crowood Press, 1998, 1st ed., 220 p. 
Contains chapters about: Showing, Judging, Breeding, Pregnancy and Whelping. It traces the bulldog's origins and compares the conformation of the bulldog in its early years (the 1875 Breed Standard) to today's American and UK breed standards. Other topics covered include: choosing a puppy; care and management; holistic medicines for prevention and cure of ailments. A chapter called Bulldogs Worldwide features famous bulldogs and bulldog lines in their respective countries. Written by one of the owners of the Kelloe Bulldogs kennel. Intended for readers who already possess a basic background in bulldogs but now intend to show and/or breed their bulldog or want to know more about the history of the breed and breed standards. More information:

Bulldog Information
Bulldog Bad Boys
by Willow Creek
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How to Housebreak
Your Dog in 7 Days
by Shirlee Kalstone
A foolproof method for housebreaking your dog
in a way that works with both his innate behavioral instincts and your individual lifestyle.
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