Your Bulldog by Robert Berndt
Your Bulldog
Robert Berndt
Hardcover, 128 p. Fairfax: Denlinger's, 1976.
Manual for the Bulldog owner as well as for those who are interested in show dogs, with chapters on the personality, care, feeding and the place of the Bulldog as a member of the family.  Separate chapters on the history of the Genus Canis , the history of the Bulldog, the Bulldog in the United States and the Bulldog in other countries.
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Guide to Owning an English Bulldog
Guide to Owning an English Bulldog
John Gallagher
TFH Publications
64 pag.

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The bulldog - Marie Andree
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The Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
(Series : Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet)
Marie Andree
John Wiley & Sons, 128 pag.
A general guide about care and health of the bulldog.
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Bulldog Bad Boys
by Willow Creek
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How to Housebreak
Your Dog in 7 Days
by Shirlee Kalstone
A foolproof method for housebreaking your dog
in a way that works with both his innate behavioral instincts and your individual lifestyle.
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New Owner's Guide to Bulldogs
Hank Williams & Carol Williams
TFH Publications, 160 pag.
A very informative book for new and more experienced bulldog owners alike. The authors address most of the issues or questions that may arise when owning a bulldog. The first half of the book is breed-specific. The second half includes chapters about training, behavior, health care, dental care, identification and traveling with your dog that are more general.
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New Owner's Guide to Bulldogs by Hank Williams
The Bulldog - an illustrated standard of the breed by Enno Meyer
New York: Orange Judd Publishing Company Inc. 1948
151p.  incl. index, statistics bl 1943 - 1947, black&white photographs and drawings.
A picture study of Good Points and Faults, containing information on the History, Anatomy, Breeding, Feeding, Training and Management of Bulldogs.
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Bulldogs: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior and Training
Phil Maggitti
Barrons Educational Series
This illustrated manual intended for the new bulldog owner tells dog lovers what to expect when they acquire a bulldog, as well as everything they need to know about keeping their pet healthy and happy.
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The Flat Face Encyclopedia
The Flat Face Encyclopedia
Jan Dure Grebe, Ph. D. & Steve Eltinge, D.
Ed. ArDesign, 1997, Hardcover, 200 p.
Arranged like an encyclopedia, this book covers a wide range of topics related to the Bulldog and French Bulldog. More than 200 illustrations
The Essential Bulldog
Ian Dunbar
Howell Book House. Paperback / Hungry Minds, Inc, September, 1900
The Essential Bulldog by Ian Dunbar
Gabrielle E. Forbush
TFH Publications, Inc., April 1996
Paperback , 224 p.
General information for the bulldog owner.
Cover may be different according to the edition.
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Bulldogs by Gabrielle Forbush - Buying info
The New Bulldog
Col. Bailey C. Hanes
Howell Publishing/Hardcover Fifth Edition Published 1991, reprint
Prior Editions 1981, 1973, 1966, 1956

The New Bulldog
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