Beds and bedding
Your puppy's first requirement is a warm, comfortable bed. Oval, rigid, plastic dog beds are ideal as they are relatively chew-resistant, moisture-proof and easily cleaned.
Make sure that the bed you choose provides ample room for your puppy to lie on his side or outstretched, as bulldogs cannot curl up as other breeds, due to their short-backed conformation. Also remember that bulldog puppies grow very quickly, so if you buy a dog bed that fits him as a small puppy, he will soon outgrow his bed.  Avoid wicker basket dog beds. They are popular with many dog owners, but bulldog puppies are fairly aggressive chewers and wicker objects do usually not resist the bulldog puppy's strong jaws. The splinters may hurt your puppy and if swallowed they may cause dangerous injuries.
Choose a model with an elevated base that keeps the bed off the ground (airflow). Prefer a bed with rounded edges so your bulldog can rest his head comfortably.

Plastic dog bed
Line the bed with something confortable to sleep on, like a fitted cushion, imitation sheepskin or "Vetbed", widely used by breeders. It washes well and is very hard-wearing. Moisture goes through the fabric and so keeps your puppy dry. Otherwise, blankets or an old sweater that you have been wearing (which will confort your puppy) will do fine. Replace any blanket or piece of cloth that becomes ragged and starts to fall apart.

Bulldogs sometimes appear to be allergic to newspaper ink. If necessary, newspapers may be used as an additional housetraining aid, but preferably not as bedding in your puppy's bed, crate or kennel.

To protect crates and kennels at home or during transit, you may want to use specially designed pads that can absorb liquids without leaking (up to 4 times their weight !) and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
Food and water bowls
Feeding bowls and water bowls should be large enough for your puppy to feed comfortably, but not so large that your puppy risks falling into them. Prefer stainless bowls. They are hygienic and do not retain food odors or the odor of the detergent you use that may turn off your dog. Dog owners often wonder why their dog prefers to drink stale water in puddles and flower vases rather than the fresh water provided in his bowl. Well, one of the reasons may be that the water in his bowl has a "strange" oder, retained by the plastic material of the bowl.

Bulldogs by Phil Maggitti
Phil Maggitti
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Some owners and breeders prefer to use a raised feeder that brings their dog's food up to his ideal feeding level and is said to minimize digestion and flatulence problems and reduce the risk of bloat while reducing strain on his joints and muscles.
Raised dog feeder
Toys and chew devices
Toys are important, especially when your puppy is on his own.  They not only serve to occupy him, but also release his stress and help with his teething.
The hard nylon or rubber washable types of dog toy are a good choice.
Avoid natural bones, and above all chicken bones. They easily splinter and become extremely dangerous if swallowed. Hard bones or objects may cause your dog's canines to break, so you better avoid them as well.
Hard, leathery chews become slimy and if swallowed could easily choke your dog.
Toys are essential not only for the puppy bulldog but also for the adult bulldog, as this is a breed that loves to chew throughout his life.
Canine parasitic skin diseases
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Heat stroke in Bulldogs
Anal Gland Impaction
Inverted hind feet
Swimming Puppy Syndrome
More and more breeders and trainers are recommending crates as a preferred tool for puppies and adult bulldogs, whether at home, for transport or at shows. If used properly, crates are not cruel. Crate training can actually have many humane and highly effective uses, for example to keep your dog safe during travel, to housebreak your puppy or to provide your dog with a place of his own wherever you go.

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When lined with soft bedding and a favorite toy, a crate may become a cosy pseudo-den for your dog, where he will be happy to sleep for short periods. However, never keep him shut in for too long!

So, if you intend to travel frequently or to show your bulldog later on, it is a good idea to start crate training him at an early age. Always buy a good-quality, safe crate. Some of the cheaper types are false economy. The wire types are very practical as they can be collapsed and folded away when not in use. More bulldog supplies

Double-door folding metal dog crate
Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
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