How to Find a Good
Dog Breeder ?
(How to Identify a reputable breeder)

You can find reputable breeders by asking for referrals from your veterinarian, contacting local breed rescue groups or national breed clubs, or visiting dog shows.

By selecting a reputable breeder from the start, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble and money in the long run (thousands on vet bills, or, even worse, the agony of having a cherished pet put to death). 

A responsible breeder is also going to ask you questions about yourself and your family, as he/she will be eager to know whether or not you will be a good owner for his puppy. For the same reason he/she will usually also be prepared to provide follow-up service and even take the puppy back should something go wrong. 
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A reputable breeder is usually a smaller small-scale breeder, i.e. a breeder who breeds only one or two different dog breeds and is knowledgeable about his breeds. The smaller scale ensures that the dogs are kept in the home and family-raised, not kept outside in kennel runs with little human interaction.

One of the most important criteria is that a reputable breeder does not have puppies all year round, but keeps a list of interested families for the next available litter. If puppies are available at all times this means they are shipped-in. These puppies are taken away from their mother at too early an age, shipped in terrible conditions, with no real proof of their genetic background. A big no-no. See also our complete checklist on How to identify a good dog breeder.

Fortunately, due to the high cost of breeding  and the small profit margin, commercial breeders usually stay out of the business of breeding bulldogs.  However, this does not mean that all bulldog breeders are responsible breeders.  Some may not be driven by the money but by the fame of breeding good show dogs which may lead them into unethical breeding practices, raising dogs with emphasis on physical conformation with the show standard, while neglecting good temperament and health.  


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