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Personality, Temperament
and Character of the Bulldog

More than with any other dog breed, the bulldog's character and personality is often misunderstood. Even his intelligence is sometimes questioned. Of course, like in all breeds, individuals differ greatly, but not all bulldogs are those lazy couch potatoes as described by the detractors of the breed. The points that are most often mentioned when talking about bulldogs are their faithfulness, their stubbornness, their protectiveness and their devotion to their loved ones.

Well, if a prize was to be awarded for "companionship", among all dog breeds, the winner would surely be a bulldog. Their special talent in life really is "companionship". Their owner is their life and Bulldogs are totally forgiving
and loving when it comes to their humans. They are wonderful clowns and will do just anything to make you laugh.
Prince Cyrus Jones The Great
Owned by Miranda W. & Jeremy J.

Prince Cyrus Jones The Great
Owned by Miranda W. & Jeremy J.

Gracie (10 months)
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"Les Bullstaffs" bulldogs
Hannadic Joy
Owned by Fabrizio
Some will be ready to defend the persons and territory they have under their custody, without any special training, while others will remain eternal, happy-go-lucky, positive thinkers welcoming just any stranger into your house.

Add to that the fact that bulldogs  mature very slowly and will remain very playfull, puppy-like and unpredictable untill well over the age of 24 months.
The Bulldog's natural protectiveness is probably most manifest in his behavior towards small children or animals. His natural propensity to defend the smaller ones make them intervene even when kids get told off by their parents.

However, if you are looking for a true, full-time guardian dog, this is probably not the right breed for you.  Individuals vary too greatly.

They are absolutely wonderful with children and elderly.

Bulldogs are also very sensitive to your moods and will be delighted for you when you are happy and will be still and compassionate when you grieve. As we said, they are true companions in every sense of the word.
This being said, to call bulldogs lazy or stubborn is a bit restrictive. What appears as laziness or stubbornness is in fact an incredible capacity to prioritize. A bulldog will never jump at your every command. He will evaluate each of your commands or invitations against his own priority-setting and value system before deciding whether this is a good thing to do and how urgently this action should be accomplished.
Part of their charm is that they look so tough but aren't at all.
Nevertheless, most Bulldogs are brave to the extreme and will guard and defend their owner if they think he/she is being threatened. Bulldogs are conscious of their own force and are therefore very self-assured. However, they ponder their decisions and evaluate each situation in order to act in the most appropriate way.

Better Food for Dogs
Even if bulldogs are not the fastest among dog breeds, they are certainly not indolent or apathetic. Even when they seem asleep or resting, they will still notice every single movement. They also have an incredible talent for observation; they will notice every single change you make in the arrangement of your furniture and it is not unusual for a bulldog to bark when something is out of place in the house.
Prince Cyrus Jones The Great
Owned by Miranda W. & Jeremy J.

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The idea that bulldogs are lazy or indolent probably developed because of some hypertypical specimens who, because of their exaggerated features, had their movements seriously hindered.
However, these are exceptions and renowned breeders take great care in breeding healthy specimens.

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