Aussie Bulldog Standard

Source: Standard Drafted By T. Green, UABA.
Photo of King Jag Of Yanco


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Height and Weight:
Aussie Bulldog breeders strive for continued consistency of a Bulldog that should produce males around 18/20" to the shoulder, and head circumference of 21 to 24" for a body weight of 28/35 kg. Females should grow in height to 17/19" to the shoulder and weigh 23/28 kg when fully developed.
Yanco Aussie Bulldog puppies
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Head Type:
very strong, broad and square, "a box on a box", when viewed from all angles.
1 to 3 wrinkle folds across the nose.
Skull Circumference = height to Shoulder .
Distance from Occiput to Stop is min 2x the distance from stop to tip of nose .
straight downward carriage or screw
Level Top line with tail set straight off the back.
General appearance:
Aussie Bulldog should be agile and well muscled, with a strong square head and a keen expression. For the females nice long bodies are preferred in order to produce better whelpers.

The Aussie Bulldg is very confident but placid , with reliability , intelligence , good watch dog, obedience training recommended.
Mouth and teeth:
The preferred jaw structure is wide and square (not round or narrow), lower as well as upper jaw, and up to 1/4 inch undershot, but breeding towards a near level bite is preferred. Good thick defined cheeks add to the squareness of head structure. Teeth should be well placed not scattered and of good size and strength. Allow up to 1/4 inch undershot but breeding towards a near level bite is preferred.
Head Type broad and square, like a box on a box, when viewed from all angles. 1 to 3 folds of wrinkle across the nose. Skull circumference should equal height to Shoulder. The head structure of an Aussie Bulldog is one of its main attributes. It is very strong and square in appearance with good depth and width of muzzle and a pronounced stop between the eyes.

Distance from Occiput to Stop is twice the length or more than from the stop to the tip of nose. Strength in Muzzle is very important for Head Type. Muzzle should be broad and deep, blunt cut off square not tapered from under jaw upwards.
The first Aussie Bulldog Standard was drafted by Tina Green in 2004. We have reproduced the standard here by kind permission of Tina Green, highlighting, rephrasing or detailing some of the points. All information added stems from the UABA website as well. The Aussie bulldog standard in its original form can be viewed at the UABA website.
Forearms are set wide apart with good thickness and oval boning. They should be well muscled, thick and powerfull. Pasterns should be strong and thick. Moderate shoulder angulation, but not straight, which would restrict movement.

Hindquarters should show strength and agility with movement. They should be very muscular in appearance with good formation of 1st and 2nd thigh area  and good depth of Flank, built for agility not cumbersome looking. Hocks to be moderately bent not straight. Cow hocked undesirable. Moderate Turn of Stifle, not straight .

Cat type Feet not splayed and down on pasterns. Rounded Toes with hard pads.
Nice open nostrils not small restricts breathing.

The eyes are large & clean in appearance and placed wide apart even with muzzle width. Desired eye color is dark brown.

Ears should be of good size and well-placed. Rose ears preferred.
Body and tail:
The chest area should be broad with the brisket well let down,  not pigeon chested (concave).
The front should be straight with good shoulder placement. The top line should be straight with a nice arch of neck desirable and the tail coming straight off the back. Roach and sway backs are not acceptable. Tail may be carried long or screw.
The body coat is short, dense  & smooth, not thick or rough. The Aussie Bulldog comes in a variety colors: fawn, apricot, red, mahogany, white and at least 5 shades of brindle including: red brindle, fawn brindle, black brindle, mahogany brindle, silver brindle. Aussies also come in pied, an arrangement of patches on the body with a white base coat (greater percentage of white than color).
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