late "Bob", bred: Mr Mollett & own: S Pearson
One of the 1st winners of the first 2 VB shows

More than 20 years ago the late Ken Mollett started a breeding program to recreate a dog as it existed in Victorian times.  What begun as a hobby, together with his brother Derek and Graham Woods, early partners who later left the program, soon grew to become a reference in the field of re-creation breeding programs.

Ken Mollett only used bull-breeds registred with the Kennel Club of Great Britain. He crossed Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Bull Terriers and the best English Bulldogs he could find. 
Ch. Hoppy 1800's

Victorian Bulldog
 Origin, Appearance, Character, Temperament

History of Fighting Dogs
Dieter Fleig
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Kenn Mollet studied early Victorian paintings, statues, written descriptions and engravings and prints, and found that in those days bulldogs were much more athletic, with alonger muzzle, longer legs, and a smaller head. This inspired him to breed a new type of Bulldogs he coined the "Victorian Bulldog".

Detail of 1802 oil Painting
"Bulldog" by Philip Reinagle

Poppy at Marinmor Victorian Bulldogs

Marinmor Ma-Baker "Judy"
Marinmor Victorian Bulldogs

Back in 1998, Mollett along with Hue and Susan Davies founded the "Victorian Bulldog Society" which now has some 50 members and usually holds a yearly show. Since Mollett's sad death in 2002 the society is now in the hands of Mrs E Mollett.

The Victorian Bulldog is a fit, healthy and pleasant natured dog, ideally suitable to be owned as a family companion. General temperament is quiet, playful & loyal. They responds well to simple obedience tasks. They were
Mr Martin Moran the former VBS Chairman and founder of a new Victorian Bulldog enthusiasts group "The Victorian Bulldog Foundation" is one of a few enthusiasts continuing Mollett's effort to have the Victorian bulldog recognised as  a rare breed in its own right by the Kennel Club.
3 Victorians down from Marinmor Duchess:
Marinmor Spot On (r.i.p) Ma-Baker & Ma-Jestic

The Victorian Bulldog breed standard set by Ken Mollett is very close to the original Philo Kuon standard.
Their most noticeable difference to modern english bulldogs is their size.

They are bigger, males weighing around 65-75 pds (30-34 kg.) and bitches 55-65 pounds (25-30 kg.) and measuring 17-19 inches (43-48 cm.) for the males, and 16-19 inches (41-48 cm.) for the bitches.

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Similar to what can be seen in the United States with the Olde English Bulldoggecreated by Mr. David Leavitt where breeders of other alternative breeding programs usurp the name "Olde English Bulldogge", so also breeders of the increasing popularity of the Victorian Bulldog, by wrongly using the name Victorian Bulldog when referring to their dogs, which are sometimes just first or second generation crossdogs.
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Prince Adalbert of Prussia with his Bulldog

Gildars Queen Bea, Marinmor Ma-baker & Maydora
owner: Eboraci Bulldogs

late Marinmor Spot On, "Alfie"
Marinmor Victorian Bulldogs

"Gwen" owner: H & S Davies
One of the 1st winners of the first 2 VB shows

For further information please contact:
Victorian Bulldog Foundation
Marinmor Victorian Bulldogs
Eboraci Victorian Bulldogs

The Bulldog
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