Doggehouse American Bulldog
Prudence 2003
Photo Courtesy: Doggehouse
The American Bulldog is a powerful, athletic, medium-large sized dog. His general appearance denotes great physical strength and a muscular stature with endless endurance. Height and weight may vary but structure is what is of importance, the keyword being "well balanced".  The American Bulldog has been bred to work, not for the show ring; therefore, there is a wide size latitude in the breed.
However, a narrow, terrier-like dog is not typical of the breed and is to be discouraged. If all things are equal, the larger dog is preferred.  The American Bulldog is a broad, wide dog, but this width should not be exaggerated for the show ring. Once again, the American Bulldog is a working dog, and while lack of power or agility are serious faults, exaggeration of any part of the dog will reduce his effectiveness at work and should therefore not be encouraged in the show ring. The overall head is box-shaped. 

The American Bulldog's muzzle is also square and box-shaped and approximately 35 to 40 percent of the overall head length. It should be deep, wide, and show power.  There should be a distinct furrow between the eyes and an abrupt, deep stop. The American Bulldog's ears are button or rose form. The tail must not be docked. It should be long enough to reach the hocks, or slightly past. The tail will often be carried above the back when the dog is moving or excited. It should end in a semi-circle, which is often evident when the dog carries it above his back. 

The American Bulldog' s coat is short and smooth.  The preferred color is at least fifty percent white with patches of color. An all-white dog is equally acceptable but care must be taken to ascertain that there is no hearing problem with an all-white dog. The color patches may be any shade of brindle of any shade of brown (tan, red, yellow, etc.).
The American Bulldog should move with speed, agility, and power, the rear legs propelling the dog forward, not merely following along behind. There should be definite stifle action in the rear legs. All legs should move parallel to the direction of movement and overall the american bulldog should be light on his feet. Front legs will not cross nor wing out to either side when the dog is in motion. Rear legs will not travel in an arc, but will be moderate, neither short and mincing nor approaching the rear of a Doberman Pinscher.

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who wrote a very interesting and well documented piece of text on the breed history of the American  Bulldog,  on which this text is partly based.
Photographs of the paintings reproduced by kind permission of William Secord, 
author of
Dog Painting 1840-1940, and owner of the New York City gallery  specialising in 19th C. dog and animal art