The French Bulldog
(Bouledogue fran├žais, Frenchie, "Frogdog")
As a small size molossian developped from a toy version of the English Bulldog the French Bulldog does not show the same frailty as other small dog breeds. The French Bulldog is a powerful dog for its size, compact in all its proportions.  It conveys the appearance of of an active, very muscular and intelligent animal. The French Bulldog's main distinctive features are its bat ears and its irresistible, expressive gaze.
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  French Bulldog
  Date of origin:
  see French Bulldog history page
  Size and weight:
  small, 12 inch. (30cm)
  22-28 lbs. (10-13 kg)
  Companion dog, (watchdog)
  Affectionate, playful, courageous
  brindle (no solid black - some brown
  hair must show), fawn, cream, white
  or pied as long as the dark patches
  in the pied are not black.
  Distinctive features:
  bat ears, typical expressive bulldog gaze
  Major qualities:
  great personality
  intelligent barker  (barks only when it
  is really necessary)
  excellent companion dogs
  Major concerns:
  intolerance to extreme temperatures
  back and spinal diseases
  Recognized by:
  FCI, AKC, The Kennel Club of Great
  Britain, Continental Kennel club
  Original name &
  other names:
  Bouledogue fran├žais
  Frenchie, "Frogdog"
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