own.: Molosso de Jerivá
The Buldogue Campeiro (litteraly, "rural bulldog"), also called the Brasilian Bulldog,  is an extremely rustic working dog. It descends from the ancient English Bulldogs brought to the Rio Grande del Sur and Santa Catarina in Brasil by the European immigrants since the 16th Century.

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The Buldogue Campeiro's is a dog with a powerful and strong physical constitution indicating strength and agility.  It is a very versatile and well adapted dog.  It should have a calm and watching temperament (does not bark a lot) with an accentuated warrior spirit and loyalty.

This temperament should be so obstinate as to overcome limits and so controlled as to always maintain obedience to commands from the shepherd. 

This extremely courageous dog is very loyal to its master and docile with the rest of the family, but reserved with strangers.
Buldogue Campeiro bitch
Branquinha do Cãodomínio
own.: Molosso de Jerivá
Stud "Bambam"
own. Molosso de Jerivá
Its body should be strong with a large and broad head and strong, powerful and protruding jaws.  Muzzle should be wide and strong but not so short as in Modern English Bulldog nor as long as in the Bullmastiff in order to enable it to bite and hold bulls inde- pendently of its weight.  The ideal muzzle length is ca. 1/3 of the skull length.  The ears are small to medium, rose or button, set high and wide. 

Buldogue Campeiro puppies
at Kennel Molosso de Jerivá
Chita do Cãodomínio
owner: Canil Cãogaceiro

The Campeiro Bulldog is usually born with a shorter (not reaching beyond the hocks) and crooked tail. The Campeiro Buldogue's coat is smooth and short. All colors are allowed. Dominance of fawn (all variations) and brindle (red, gray or black), as solid or with white. Completely white dogs have been occasionaly born (although not desirable for an outside working dog exposed to intense sun rays). Full black dog have not been recorded.
The ideal height is between 48 to 58 cm (18.9 and 22.8 inches) at shoulders height (withers); the ideal weight for males and females between 35 to 45 kg (77,2 and 99,2 lb).
Buldogue Campeiro
(Brazilian Bulldog, Campeiro Bulldog)

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photos courtesy:  Márcia Gulart, Cãodomínio ,
 Fernando Starling, Kennel Molosso di Jerivà,  and Canil Cãogaceiro

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Fernando Starling, Kennel Molosso di Jerivà
Ralf Schein Bender and Marcia Gulart, Kennel Cãodomínio
Jutay Medeiros, Canil Cãogaceiro

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"Zelda do Cãodomínio"
own. Kennel Molosso de Jerivá
Max do Cãodomìnio
own.: Canil Cãogaceiro
at Kennel Cãodomínio