French Bulldog Gift Ideas
French Bulldogs Circle of Friends Votive Candle Holder
French bulldog Christmas decor and gift ideas
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More French bulldog Christmas ornaments >>
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by Amanda Jones (Photographer)
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French Bulldog
French Bulldogs
by Muriel P. Lee
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The French Bulldog
The French Bulldog
by Muriel Lee
Not the usual breed info book, but one picturing Frenchies with the finesse of the "Belle Epoque" and the touch of humor that characterizes the breed. Apart from breed and health info you'll find a complete timeline of the breed and info about the origin of the Parent Club. The Frenchie's talents are highlighted in chapters about therapy work, agility and obedience. Two final chapters introduce the reader to the world of Frenchie collectibles and antiques and the French bulldog in Art.
The book is part of a new series of full-color, richly illustrated volumes about our favorite dog breeds.

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French Bulldogs 2009
French Bulldogs 2009
French Bulldogs
Calendar 2009
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French Bulldogs 2009
More French Bulldog Calendars 2009
French Bulldog Calendars:
News & Gift Ideas
NEW French bulldog christmas ornaments and holiday decor
and French bulldog christmas costumes
French Bulldog Breed Statue (4.25")
True to life sculptures
Fine art renderings of top quality
Specimens are handcrafted in America
French Bulldog Limited Edition Breed Statue
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more information:
Compact Travel Umbrella featuring the French Bulldog (1.5 X 1.5 X 14 inches)
French Bulldog (Brindle) Patriotic Pup Figurine