General Health and Care
of the Dog
Diseases and Infections

Ear Care and Disease

Kennel Cough: symptoms, treatment, prevention and vaccination

Distemper: symptoms, risks and treatment of canine distemper

Hereditary Defects: A Guide to Hereditary and Congenital Diseases in Bulldogs, including Genetic Predisposition to Diseases

Canine Epilepsy: occurence, symptoms, diagnosis of epilepsy in dogs. Description of the characteristic, three phases of a seizure.

Transferable Diseases: diseases (and pathogenic parasites) that can be passed from dogs to humans, such as rabis and leptospirosis.

Congenital Eye Diseases: eyelash abnormalities, cataracts, cherry eye, entropion, ectropion

General Care and Precautions

Everyday Care of your Bulldog

Common bulldog health tips: gastric torsion, skin conditions, eczema, tail and feet problems, diarrhoea, bad breath.

Eye Care and Eye problems

Cleaning Dog Ears

Skin Conditions

Heat Stroke: precautions to avoid heatstroke and treatment of a heat stroke victim.

Diarrhea & womiting: when to consult your veterinarian

Ear scratching and Head shaking

Anal Glands

Taking care of the Senior Bulldog

Car Sickness

Affections caused by Parasites

Ear Mites

Parasitic skin affections: skin problems caused by parasites

Internal Parasites and Worming

Controlling Fleas


The Swimming Puppy Syndrome

The Mysterious Anomaly of Inverted Hind Feet


Preserving Quality and Genetic Diversity in a Breed

Care of the Breeding Bitch

Feeding and Dietary Supplements for the pregnant bitch

Caesarean Section

Preparing the whelping area

For Inherited and Congenital Diseases Genetic Predisposition to Diseases,
see: A guide to inherited and congenital Diseases in Bulldogs
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