Overall bulldogs do not have more odor problems than other dog breeds, but they can be more prone to skin problems, which in turn may sometimes result in odor problems. Other causes of doggie odors are bad breath, ear problems or anal gland impaction.

A good precaution to avoid skin problems and body odors is to brush your bulldog weekly with a bristle brush or rubber pad. The faces wrinkles, tail pocket and spaces between the toes can be cleaned with wet patches to prevent the building up of yeast and bacteria in the folds. It is part of the training routine to get your puppy used to being groomed regularly.  Always finish the routine with a little reward.

Odor problems may also occur when the skin is very oily. An occasional bath with an adequate (sebolytic) shampoo may give good results. However, the choice of the right (sebolytic) shampoo it very important. For more information see: Scaly or Greasy Skin. Bathing your dog too often can be as harmful to an oily skin as not bathing your bulldog at all.  Always rinse your bulldog thoroughly, as shampoo left in the coat can be irritating to the skin and lead to even more seborrhoea (skin oil) production. Always use skin products and shampoos especially designed for dogs. Human shampoos are not adequate for the special skin composition of the dog. The use of cologne, deodorants or other fragances on the dog may just increase the odor problem in the long run. On the contrary, dog odors left on cushions and furniture can be removed with dog-odor removers. A good hygiene of the dog's bedding is also important in combating dog odors.

Bad breath can be the indication of an underlying internal illness such as diabetes or kidney failure. It is always wise to have your dog checked by a veterinarian in case of persistent bad breath problems. Proper dental care is an important part of the grooming routine.

Odor and discharge in the ears may be a sign of ear disease. The ear disease in itself may have an underlying cause, such as an allergy or hormonal abnormality. For more information about ear infections see: ear care.

In normal conditions the viscous, malodorous liquid produced by the anal glands is expelled by the dog in such a way as to be entirely unnoticeable. However, in some cases the duct of the gland may become obstructed, resulting in anal gland problems and oder problems. More about anal gland impaction.
Odor Problems in Bulldogs
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