Your Bulldog
Choosing a name

Health and Care
Dog Fleas
Ear mites
Diarrhea and vomiting: when to consult your veterinarian ?
Intestinal gas
Bloat and gastric torsion

Ear scratching and head shaking
Ear care and disease
Hot spots

Seborrhea and dandruff
Parasitic skin affections

Selection, Education and Training
Selecting a Puppy
Equipment for your Puppy
Why Socialize your Puppy ?
The Critical Development Stages of a Puppy

Preparing the whelping quarters
Kennel construction
Practical genetics for dog breeders
Preserving quality and genetic diversity in a breed
Breeding Pitfalls

Breeding types

History of the bulldog breeds
History of the Bulldog
The Evolution of the Bulldog

History of the Molosser breeds
The Origins of the Mastiff
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