Valley bulldog puppy 'Gracie'
The Valley Bulldog is popular around the Nova Scotia area, Canada, but still considered an extremely rare breed.  It looks either like a leggier version of an English Bulldog, or a shorter type of Boxer.

It is unknown just how long this breed has existed, but it is thought to have originated in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada thus giving it the name "Valley Bulldog".
According to the IOEBA the development of the Valley Bulldog can be for the most part traced back to the mid 1900's although it is entirely possible to have existed much longer. Research has discovered that several of today's breeders are said to have produced 10 to 15 generations of pure Valley bulldogs in their breeding programs.
As can easily be deduced from its morphology, the genetic origin of the Valley bulldog includes he Boxer and the English Bulldog.   These two breeds were used because of the Boxer's athletic ability and exceptional temperament and the Bulldog's courageous and unwavering spirit. Over the years type has been set and the Valley Bulldog is now said to be a purebred in both form and type.
Mason, 5 1\2 week old Valley Bulldog
Photo: Brad Forward, Nova Scotia, Canada

Valley Bulldog "Kennedy"
Photo. Jennifer Fraser, J&D'S Valley Bulldogs

The Valley Bulldog was developed as a durable, athletic, working utility dog that was used primarily for farm and ranch work. Valley Bulldogs were used to work cattle and other unruly livestock as well as protect and guard the farm or ranch and its occupants from natural predators.
All of these needs and others have lent to the development of this courageous and durable breed. The breed has a muscular, sturdy build, a broad head, thick neck, and a very broad chest and shoulder area. The eyes are rounded and the muzzle is either really flat like the English Bulldog or sticks out a little more like the Boxer.
The ears are of rose or button shape. The feet are thick and sturdy. The tail is either a short little stump or a very small screw tail.

Colors include various brindles, white with brindle or any mixture of brindle, black, white, tan, fawn or red. Valley Bulldogs have very strong teeth and jaws and can either have a slight or extreme under-bite. Valley bulldogs are a true working breed.
The Valley Bulldog has an excellent temperament and when socialized properly can get along with all other breeds of dogs. They can be very calm and gentle and all of a sudden act really silly and playful, a typical character trait of the boxer. They love to clown around and love to be around their human owners. Valley Bulldogs are intelligent and can be taught many things quite easily, however they can be stubborn when they want to be. They make excellent watch dogs in the house and will bark at all sounds that they do not recognize. They love to go for drives in the car! This is a very strong dog. Like all mastiff type breeds, the Valley Bulldog should have a dominant owner.
The Valley Bulldog is registered with the IOEBA, the International Olde English Bulldogge Association, the registry for alternative Bulldogges and Rare Breeds.  The IOEBA was established in 1995 by Richard Mullens, a long time dog breeder who began his involvement with rare breeds in 1987. In 1995 he became aware that there was a need for a registry to promote and preserve olde English bulldogges.
At the time, the only breed specific registry registered only dogs bred or approved by one breeder.

Mr. Mullens had been in contact with a number of breeders scattered throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Great Britain who had been breeding "Oldes" for years but were unable to register their lines of olde English bulldogges. Over the next few years the IEOBA grew steadily, now continuing under new ownership.
Valley Bulldog
 Origin, Appearance, Character, Temperament

Valley Bulldog "Teagon" with her litter
own. Jennifer Fraser J&D'S Valley Bulldogs

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Photo courtesy of Jennifer Fraser (J&D'S Valley Bulldogs, Canada)
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Valley Bulldog puppy
Photo. Jennifer Fraser
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