They often had their own servants and have been formed by centuries of pampering and luxury livestyles. Long fashionable as a diplomatic gift, they became very popular with the European Monarchs and other notables and celebrities.
Photo by Franziska Lang
Pugs and their famous people

The late Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Edward VIII  and Wallis Simpson) were probably the most famous pug fanciers in the 20th century, owning about 11 pugs over the years. They took their dogs with them (along with their pugs' personal chefs and "pooper scoopers") to almost all social activities. The dogs ate their meals served in silver dog dishes, stamped F.B. Rogers Silver Company. They were perfumed with Miss Dior, the Duchess' favorite fragrance.

A pug named Pompey became the official dog of the House of Orange, after having saved his master from an ambush by Spanish troops. Read more about the history of the pug.
Queen Victoria bred her own pugs, some of which were known as Venus, Olga, Fatima and Pedro. One of her favorite pugs, named Bosco, is buried under his own memorial in Frogmore House Gardens.

The English, globe-trotting Lady Brassey is credited with making the black color in pugs fashionable after she exhibited a pair of black pugs, from the Orient, at the Maidstone Show in the 1870s.
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Photo by Impalastock
Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte's wife had a Pug (which met a rather unfortunate end with the chef's Bulldog). The dog's name was Fortune and was used by Josephine to send Napoleon secret messages.
The Pug elite also included many others among which the Marquise de Pompadour, Marie-Antoinette, King George III and Queen Charlotte, Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Pugs entertained not only emperors and monarchs, but also artists, authors, actors and socialites. One of the most influential English artists, William Hogarth, introduced the Pug into many of this compositions, among which a self-portrait with his favorite Pug Trump in the foreground, denoting his devotion to the animal. Other famous pug owners include Voltaire, George Elliot, Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Warhol and the Italian fashion designer Valentino.
Famous Pugs

The most famous pugs were the legendary Lamb and Moss who were stolen from the Emperor's palace in Peking and brought to England where their son Click allegedly became the foundation dog for many English and American lines.

was the name of one of the pugs of the Italian fashion designer Valentino. One a his famous lines of cardigans and polo shirts is named Oliver, after his pug.

Alltogether 11 pugs shared the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lives and home. Among the most famous ones were Rufus, Dizzy (for Disraeli), Davy Crockett, Impy (for Emperor), Gen Sengh, Winston and Trooper

Queen Victoria's pugs were named Bosco, Venus, Olga, Fatima and Pedro.

The name of the Pug who, according to the legend, saved the the Duke of Orange's life by alerting him in the middle of the night to the approaching Spanish troops was called Pompey.

was one of the most famous and beloved pugs owned by the English artist William Hogarth.

Other famous pug names are:
Billy Joel's Fionula
Tori Spelling's Mimi
Mickey Rourke's Raphael

Probably one of the two most photogenic breed of dog (like the bulldog), pugs have become cultural and fashion icons, appearing in TV commercials, movies, and magazines. Among the most famous media pugs are:
Pugs in the media
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Percy from Pocahontas (1995 movie)
from the movie Milo and Otis
Algy from Rupert the Bear
Wilson the Pug, a pug with his own set of calenders and books.
in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Famous Pugs and
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Unlike the other small molosser breeds, pugs were never used as working dogs, but exclusively bred to be lap dogs and enjoy court life.
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