Small Molosser Breeds
(Small Molossians, Small Dog Breeds)
Most Molossers are by definition massive, tick-boned, large dogs or compact, but heavy medium-sized dogs. Their smaller counterparts are lighter weight, small to medium sized dogs that combine the characteristics of their taller cousins (courage, tenacity) with the advantages of a smaller dog, and without the annoying side of being yappy seen in some other small dog breeds. They love to be around children and are usually very good with children, unlike some other small or toy breeds, which may be too nervous, hyper or ill-tempered.

They are the ideal pets for apartment dwellers, families with children and elderly people or singles who just want to take their dogs with them everywhere they go.

They require moderate grooming as compared to other dog breeds.

As they are comparatively lesser known and more expensive to breed than other toy and small breeds, they do not generally suffer from the "pet-store-syndrome" which concerns the other small and toy breeds. Indeed, due to the fact that small and toy breeds can be easily kept in small cages, crates or shopping carts, they are mass-produced for pet stores. Dog breeds purchased in pet stores are often hard to housetrain and may display behavior problems due to a lack of contact with the mother in the first weeks of their lives.

Although some of these breeds are classified as a toy breed by the AKC, small molosser breeds, like the pug, french bulldog, boston terrier and old boston bulldogge, are usually more solid and resistant than many other breeds in this group. Also, the term "small" has to be intended in terms of heigth and weigth, not just heigth.

A drawback of most small molossian breeds is the occurence of whelping problems requiring caesarean sections, due to the breeds' large skull and small pelvis.

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