Clown Costume for Dogs
Medium fits 12-16"
Large fits 16-20"
Small fits Small fits back 8" - 12", Neck 13" - 16" and Chest 16" - 20"

Pug Costumes
(Costumes for Small dogs, Toy breeds and Puppies)

Casual Canine Elephant Dog Costume

Send us your Pug's photo in one of these costumes and we'll post it here or on !
For pug outfits, sleepwear and evening dresses, see Pug clothes.
For large and giant dog breeds, see Halloween dog costumes for large dogs. For Bulldogs, see Halloween bulldog costumes.
Holiday dog costumes, see Christmas dog costumes.
Most pugs will enjoy dressing up, however you have to make sure the costume is safe and comfortable, and doesn't restrict your pug's movement, vision or ability to breathe or bark. Remember that Pugs are a little wider around the chest, neck and waist areas than comparable breeds of the same size.

For the correct size refer to the size chart or size references available on the vendor's website when you click through the links under the products on this page. The sizes correspond to the measurement from the base of neck to tail (unless otherwise specified). In case of doubt, or if your dog has a stout build or is overweight, we recommend going up one size for proper fit.

Prince of Frogs Pug Halloween Costume
Medium fits 12"-16"
Small fits 8"-12"
Measured from base of Neck to Tail



SMALL MOLOSSERS ( Small Molossians)
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Casual Canine Tuxedo
with Tails & Top Hat
fits 13"-16"
Small fits 9"-12"
Dog Pirate Costume
Medium fits backs 12-16" (base of neck to tail), necks 14-16" and chests 16-22"
Small fits backs 8-12" (base of neck to tail), necks 12-14" and chests 13-16"
Dogzilla Halloween Costume
Medium fits 13"-16"
Small fits 9"-12"
More info: Medium or Small

Lion Dog Costume
Medium fits 13"-16"
Small fits 9"-12"
More info: Medium or Small

A Grown-Up's Guide to Creative Costumes, Devilish Decor & Fabulous Festivities
Glue & Go Costumes for Kids
More small dog costumes

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Spirit Paws Cheerleader Costume for Dogs
Medium fits 13"-16"
Small fits 9"-12"
More info: Medium or Small

Zorro Dog Costume
Medium (Dog measurement - Length: 14-18"; Neck: 14-18")
Small (Dog measurement - Length: 10-14"; Neck: 10-14")
More info: Medium or Small

Halloween Costumes for Kids
Fireman Dog Costume
Available in Sizes Medium, Small,
and also Large, X-small, X-large