Moo Cow Dog Costume for large dogs
Dog Halloween Costumes
for Large and Giant Breeds
Here is our selection of Halloween dog costumes for large and giant dogs. 

Please make sure the costume is comfortable, and doesn't restrict movement, vision, hearing, or your dog's ability to breathe or bark. Never leave your dressed-up dog unattended during the party !

For the correct size measure the length of the dog's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (unless otherwise specified !).  In case of doubt, or if your dog has a stout build or is overweight, we recommend going up one size for proper fit.
For small and toy dogs, see Halloween costumes for small dogs
For Bulldogs, see also Halloween Bulldog Costumes. For Pug, see Pug costumes.
For Halloween Dog Toys and more Halloween Dog Wear, see Halloween Dog Treats
For Dog Holiday Costumes, see Dog Christmas Costumes
Clown Costume for Dogs
Large fits 16-20"
X-Large fits 20-24"
Lobster Dog Halloween Costume for large dogs
Lobster Paws Dog Costume
Large fits 17" to 20"
X-Large fits 20"-24"
Halloween Clown Dog Costume for for large dogs
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Moo Cow Dog Costume
different sizes available
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Prison Pooch Dog Costume
Size Large fits 17"-20"
Size X-large fits 21"-24"
Puppy Knits:
12 QuickKnit Fashions for Your Best Friend
by Judith L. Swartz
More information:
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Pet Crafts:
28 Great Toys, Gifts and Accessories for Your Favorite Dog or Cat
by Heidi Boyd
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Udderly Adorable Dog Halloween Costume
Size Large fits 17"-20"
Size X-Large fits 21"-24"
More Halloween Dog Costumes
and Halloween costumes for small dogs
Sheriff Dog Costume
Size Large
Dog Parties:
Entertaining Your Party Animals

by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

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Corpse Bride Dog Costume
Large fits 18" to 20"
X-Large fits 21"-24"
Firemutt Dog Halloween Costume
Size Large
Size X-Large
Football Dog Halloween Costume
Size Large
Size X-Large
Zorro Dog Halloween Costume
Different sizes available:
Elvis Dog Halloween Costume
Large fits 18" to 24" necks
Scooby-Doo Halloween Costume for Dogs
Large fits 16-20"
Piggy Pet Halloween Costume
Avaible sizes: X-Large
Pumpkin Pet Costume
Pumpkin Pet Halloween Costume
Different sizes available
Police Dog Costume
Large fits 18" to 20"
X-Large fits 21"-24"