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Ian Dunbar
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There's a Puppy in the House:
Surviving the First Five Months
by Mike Wombacher
More information:
Basket bulldog Mugsy
Owned and photographed by
Jerry Ringuette, Quincy MA
Bulldog Spike (7 years old)
after playing in a mud hole
Julie Martin from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
Luther trying to get at the ice cream in the freezer
Owned by A. & O. Davis, UK
Cyrus of UK
owned by Mrs O Davis
Bulldogs are the clowns of dogdom. They are eternal puppies, always ready to do things that would be unusual for most other dogs, but are just typical behavior for bulldogs. People who say bulldogs are clumpsy and lazy have probably never owned a bulldog. Bulldogs are hedonists who enjoy life and communicate their happiness with others. They are very good at delegating (read: getting you to do what they want). To the untrained eye they may seem disobient or difficult to train. In fact, they just have their own priority setting and peculiar problem-solving way. And, of course, this disarming 'I-swear-it-is-not-my-fault'-look that goes with it.
'No, No, I swear I have NO idea where your towel is !'
Annibale and Margherita
Owner: Cristina Passalacqua
Bulldog puppy 'Bunny'
Owner: Anne Marie Hrysko, Jeff Pitt & Bunny
in Calgary, Alberta