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Edouard & Simone


Doggie Sunglasses
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Max, 4 months
Cool Jack !
Owner: Claudio
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Sweatshirt black
"Proud Parent of a Bulldog"
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Bulldog Gift Ideas
Bulldog Gracie with sunglasses
(10 months)
Dog Eye Protection
size Medium
(for dogs weighing 20-60 lbs.)

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9 year old Murphy
Owners Vicky & Dan
"Bella", own: Paula Hancock
Photo by Sylvia Dias
Milan, Italy
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Bulldog with blue doggles
Bubu Cooper (6 months)
Photo: Bernadette Chan
Bulldog with black sunglasses
Capone (5.5 month old English Bulldog)
Photo: Elisha Bosley, Chandler, AZ
Fawn bulldog with blue sunglasses
Muldoon with sunglasses
Photo: Nancy McArthur
White bulldog with orange sunglasses
Bulldog with sunglasses
owner: Kirk Schneider
submitted by Lola Crittenden KY
Miss Maggie May
Photo: Leigh Anderson
Lilian, Italy