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Two bulldogs in sunglasses sunbathing on a rubber boat
Eduard & Simone
Bulldog puppy in swimming suit
Photo: Cathy DeVlaminck
"Bella", own: Paula Hancock
Bulldog puppy with sand on his muzzle
Sandy Dog
Photo: Alison Sweet
Bulldog sunbathing in armchair
Big Jim
Bulldog at the beach
Owner: Vanessa Pocacqua, Milano, Italy
Bulldog with snorkle and diving mask
Lilian, Italy
Owner: Kathleen Kelly
Bulldog swimming with life jacket
Maggie's First swimming lesson
Photo: Sheryl Vidal, Hawaii
Two bulldogs sunbathing in arm chair in the garden
Holly and Bugsy
Bulldog licking sand of her face
Maggie, Hawaii
Owned by Sheryl Vidal & Val Henighan
Two bulldogs with life jackets swimming in the sea
Mama Lucy and Baby MacKenzie (mama bulldog teaching her baby how to swim)
Photo: Sheryl Vidal, Hawaii
Daizee at Carmel Beach, CA
Bulldog at the beach
Bulldog Ettore relaxing at the beach
('farniente', a typical Bulldog behavior)

Owner: Debora Laudo, Italy
More photos of 'typical bulldog behavior'