Pug Colors
(Origin and History)
The early Pugs were golden or apricot fawns, even though various shades existed. In the mid-19th century two distinct strains of Pugs developed that dominated the Pug breeding lines for several decades. Each was named after two rival breeders, the Willoughby and the Morrison. More about the Morrison Pugs and Willoughby Pugs.
The black color was first seen in England in 1886. Some authors considered the black pugs hardier than the fawn ones. More about black pugs and other pug colors (external links).


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Richardson Brothers, 1890
( Small Molossians)
Eventually the two strains became interbred and the distinction between the two faded. To this day, some Pug fanciers still speak of a Willoughby Pug, when referring to a cold fawn colored pug, or a Morrison Pug, when referring to a golden apricot shaded pug. The Morrison Pugs of the old day are the most favored today.
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The Missing-Hyphen-theory

There is a great controversy surrounding the accepted Pug colors. A missing hyphen in the original standard unfortunately led to a false interpretation of the existing pug colors and the shades commonly accepted in the show ring. More about the standard pug colors and rare pug colors (external links).
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