Cute Pug Puppies
pug puppy with hat
Pug puppy
"Bright Benji" 40 days old


Pug dog with polo-shirt
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Banner photos (from left to right) by F. Carocci Buzi, Mark Coffey (two pug puppies in basket), Steffen Foerster (detail of photo Pug with wig), Catherine de Luca  and Ryan KC Wong (Pug in hat right).
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Hannadic Pug puppy
Funny Pug with cap
Tommy the Pug puppy
in cap at 6 weeks
Tommy the Pug puppy at 6 weeks
with Polo-shirt
Willie at 1 month
Pug puppy
Photo Ryan KC Wong
Willie at 1 month
Female pug puppy with dress
Kiara the pug puppy at 1 month
Ivy the pug puppy
photo by Peter Hamza, Hungary
All bulldog photo collections (see thumbnails left) have been almost exclusively submitted by our visitors. Help us expand our Pug photos section to the same level !
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The Tao of Pugs
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Pug in Public
Pugs in Public
Kendall Far
A collection of color and black-and-white photographs that celebrates the eccentric world of pugs and their owners.
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More information
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Porke the Pug puppy
Photo by Pat Henson
Photy by Ryan Sprake
Baby Pug 'Ryder'
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The Ugly Pugling
The Ugly Pugling
Pug Puppies
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