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  1. Correct ribcage with plenty of spring
  2. Correct turn of elbow
  3. Broad shoulders
  4. Near square formed by the straight perpendicular forelegs and correct ratio between spacing and length of the legs
  5. Bowed outline
  6. Straight forelegs
  7. Double dwelap, well divided on each side
  8. Rose ears
  9. Cheeks well rounded and extended sideways the eyes
  10. Neck very tick and strong, viewed from the front extending sideways of the head
  11. Fore Feet turn slightly outward, moderately round, with toes well split up
  12. Hind feet round and compact, and hindlegs within the square formed by the forelegs giving the typical pear-shaped body

Multi Champion Isgraig
Bendingo Boy "Bandit"
at Of The Tivoli Bulls
Avalon of the Tivoli Bulls
"Demi", Sire: Aberdaron Luc
of Kelloe, Dam: Bits and
Pieces  of the Tivoli Bulls
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