The Bulldog Expression
(The traits that define the true bulldog expression)

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A very important feature of the bulldog is his expression.  A dog may possess a great number of the necessary points as stated by the breed standard, and, nevertheless, fail to have a true Bulldog expression.

Lacking a true Bulldog expression is considered a severe defect. However, to describe what the correct Bulldog expression should be is very difficult. A 1905 source describes it as follows: "Courage, even ferocity, combined with intelligence and honesty - sourness is perhaps the word that best describes the expression, yet it is the sourness of aloofness rather than the sourness of ill-temper, a sourness that in a human being would probably be described as haughtiness."



In other word the correct bulldog expression has something of disdain in it more than seeming bad-tempered or unfriendly. The traits that contribute to giving the bulldog this correct 'sour' expression are a nicely balanced head with a well-filled foreface, correctly set eyes and ears and a good width and turn of underjaw. Among the features that may spoil the dog's expression are:
For more information about the correct bulldog head and expression, please refer to our morphology pages detailing the bulldog's head side view and front view.
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