Do Bulldogs Get Along Well
with Children and Pets ?
see also: Part 1: Is an English Bulldog the right Dog for your Family?)
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Bulldogs and other Pets

English Bulldogs usually get along well with other pets. Especially with puppies, smaller dogs and pets they will be very protective. If you are introducing a new puppy to a household that already has other dogs of which one is a Bulldog, start by introducing the puppy to the Bulldog, then to the other dogs, for short periods of time and under constant supervision. If the Bulldog is a female, chances are that she will take the puppy under her custody, and make coexistence with the other dogs easier. If there are other females in the pack that are more dominant than your Bulldog you may have to start with that female first. The point is that you have to know your pack very well to know how to introduce the puppy to it. If you are introducing a Bulldog puppy to another dog, things may be harder. Just be patient and use common sense. It is usually a good precaution to organize the first meeting through a crate or baby gate. At a later stage, when the dogs meet face to face, make sure that you have removed all items that the resident dog may consider as his own.

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More information:
The fact that the Bulldog is truly a very even-tempered dog makes him an ideal family dog and a wonderful children's pet. 

Bulldogs are said to have a "sixth sense" when it comes to understanding and protecting children and can endure a lot of child-inflicted abuse.

Bulldogs for Dummies
(Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
by Michael Dickerson
Susan M. Ewing
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Bulldogs and Children

Altough they are a very patient breed no child should ever be left unsupervised with ANY dog because children many times do not understand the proper way of handling a puppy.
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