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Argentino Bloodlines
Dogo Argentino
(Argentine Dogo, Argentin dogo,
Argentina dog, Argentinian Mastiff)

Antonio Nores Martinez faced the following requirements for his ideal dog breed:
The first challenge consisted in creating a dog that would be tenacious, courageous and tireless, displaying excellent "fighting" abilities either on the hunting scene, or as a guardian on the property, while eliminating the fighting instinct oriented  towards other dogs, in order to make the dog suitable for pack hunting.

"Diego", 2 years
Debonair Dogos,
San Diego,US
Branco-Santos de los Porteños
Kennel de los Porteños, Holland
Secondly, the dogo would have to be capable of moving and reacting in absolute silence to conform to the specific hunting conditions and traditions in Argentina where hunts are held in strict silence by both dogs and hunters.

Finally, the particularly dense vegetation of the argentinian hunting scenes required a dog that could not only run fast (but a lot of breeds can), but more importantly a dog that was sufficiently agile to follow even the smallest game through the dense, unaccessible vegetation.
Therefore, it would also have to possess a remarkable endurance and a large pulmonary capacity.

With these requirements in mind Antonio created his first line of dogo's called the "Familia Araucana" . 
The foundation dogs of this line were a male fighting dog (a bulldog of unprecise origin) and a female Bull Terrier (which, at that time, very much ressembled the present-day dogo). 

At each generation Antoñio selected the best specimens and bred them together. At the thirteenth generation he tought he had created the perfect fighting dog (physically similar to the present-day pit bull terrier).
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In the thirties Antonio's brother Augustìn started a breeding line of his own called "Familia del Chubut" using a female out of the same Ney (the harlequin great dane)  and a Cordoba fighting dog. To further improve their lines Augustìn and Antonio used a cross between a wolfhound and Great Dane called Nahuel. In the following years the two brothers regularly exchanged dogs to avoid to much inbreeding and continued improving their lines. Read more: dogo standard, dogo appearance, history of the dogo argentino
That's where he introduced pointer blood into the Araucana line, using Zugg and Xaintip, two dogs imported from France. He infused again Bull Terrier blood to fix the white coat.

To improve the hardiness of the breed and add gentleness to the character he used Cadete, a Pyrenean mastiff. Ney, a harlequin great dane bred by his uncle Rogelio and another Pyrenean mastiff helped to get more bulk and mental stability, and fix the white coat.
Appearance and Morphology

Morphological exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dog's ability to work.
This dog however appeared to be too aggressive to be able to hunt in pack. Moreover, it appeared to be too heavy with respect to its height and lacked sens of smell.

Antonio decided to start a new line called "Familia Guaranì".
two dogos with uncropped ears
Moya & Rivas
Kennel de los Porteños, Holland
The head of the Dogo Argentino is one of the most typical morphological attributes of the breed and concentrates many of the functional elements of the breed. One almost exclusive characteristic of the dogo argentino that is considered a defect in most other dog breeds is the concave arche described by the nose line, meaning that the extremity of the nose is slightly higher than the stop, when viewed in profile.

Branco-Santos de los Porteños
Kennel de los Porteños, Holland
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Appearance and Morphology

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